A Kayak On The Car

Having a Kayak on top of the car has turned out to be a pretty handy thing.

There’s the most obvious “It’s there just in case I get near some water” usage.

And, of course, when driving around town, the “Cool Factor”.

But in the driveway, it’s



A Foul Weather Feline Feeding Station (that the Dog can’t raid)!






This Portly Pet needs Assistance, though. I slip him onto his side, and, with slight exertion, STUFF him under the gunwale. (Do kayaks have gunwales?)

He can get himself out …


 … but really, why should he?


An American Toad (Bufo americanus) Tale

I was working beside the Wet Weather Creek when I spied a Toad backing into a hole in the bank.

Of Course I had my Trusty Panasonic in my pocket!

There was only time to snap one picture because …

Zacchaeus The Kitty moved in for a closer look.

I didn’t see The Toad again.

Zacchaeus The Kitty was a Different Story.

Close Encounters of the Odocoileous Kind

Two short stories

(as witnessed by The Photographer who was lovingly laboring at The Cable House)

The First Story:

Two Deer considered crossing The Path.

Being the Safety Conscious Deer that they were, they checked for traffic (as was their habit). They looked left (their left, our right) …


… then right (our left) …*

*… except one Deer got distracted by an especially tasty-looking Blade of Grass and lowered her head for a quick nibble.

… then forward (just to make sure).*

*HowEVER, a Clump of Clover was calling to the other Deer, and she just HAD to, umm, … (ahem) … nip it in the bud. (There!  I said it.)

**Deer are not known for their common sense.**

(“Shhh!  Don’t munch so loudly!  I think somebody’s spying on us!”)

Then, 3 things happened at the same time.

(I like Audience Participation. You get to decide who said what.)

“Why do you think that?”


“Mmmmm.  Tasty!”




(But don’t stop reading yet!)

The Second Story:

There was The Exceedingly Polite Deer; browsing around The Porch; minding her own business.*

A White-Stockinged Cat strolled along The Path.**

*A Deer’s Business almost always consists of “Oh, my! Now THAT looks like a Tasty Morsel!  I must nibble on it!”

**A cat NEVER just strolls. Kitties are always looking for something interesting to do.

“Was that a White Tailed Deer browsing around The Porch?”  The White-Stockinged Cat sat beside the path and Pondered her Options.*

The Deer looked up and around.  She detected a faint, though unmistakeable, Scent. Kitty!  She Pondered her Options.**


*Every Kitty sees itself as a Wild Beast and a Fearsome Hunter.

**Deer know this about Kitties.

The White-Stockinged Cat, creeping back down The Path with Great Stelth, turned left onto The Way To The Porch, and …


“May I help you?” The Exceedingly Polite Deer inquired exceedingly politely.



The White-Stockinged Cat vanished. (Kitties have a way of doing that, you know.)

About the time The Exceedingly Polite Deer thought she could resume her munching, who should appear on the scene but Mr. Orange Cat?

He Pondered his Options.



Both The Exceedingly Polite Deer and Mr. Orange Cat knew that Courtesy demands Avoidance of Eye Contact.

They averted their eyes.


Mr. Orange Cat stalked The Exceedingly Polite Deer with Great Stelth.*


*Just ignore the Grey Kitty lollygagging on The Path. She’s not part of This Story.






“May. I. HELP. You?” The Exceedingly Polite Deer inquired. (Although, not nearly so politely as before. In fact, she fairly spat it over her shoulder!)






Mr. Orange Cat and his Lollygagging Crony vanished. (Kitties have a way of doing that, you know.)






The Exceedingly Polite Deer resumed her Browsing — with just a hint of a Self-Satisfied Smirk flitting about on her Muzzle.







And they all Peacefully Co-existed with Pleasant Expressions on their faces for a long, long time.


And Now We Paws To Consider Zacchaeus (The Kneadingest Cat I Know)

This is Zacchaeus.

He’s a friendly, affectionate kitty.

Rather large in the belly.

He DOES get some exercise …

His paws are almost always moving.

Yes, Zacchaeus is an incredibly kneady cat!

He kneads with his left paw

… and then with his right.

Sometimes a paw looks really BIG when he kneads.

At other times, a paw can look really tiny. Like his back paw looks. (That’s because his belly is so big.)

(See what I mean?)

The flower pot really isn’t laughing at him. :~) (Flower pots aren’t that rude.)(But I am! Check out that furry paunch!)

So Zacchaeus keeps kneading and the pot keeps smiling and that’s how it is in my yard.

No kitties were offended in the making of this post.

I promise.

It Says “Fall” To Me

In the part of the world where I live, the seasons don’t always start and end according to the calendar.  Summer starts before Memorial Day and  lasts well past Labor Day. So how do we really know what season it is?

Here are some of the things that tell me Fall is arriving:

The cultivated Asters bloom.  They’re the end of my perennials.

That daily text I get from the radio station usually includes the word “rain”,

we’ll have the occasional “one-dog-night”,


and my Beasts take steps to insure their winter food supply.

(And start arranging their bedding just so.)

I get the urge to buy (and wear) soft, fuzzy things …

… and fuzzy things show up in my yard.

Scattered whispy and puffy clouds are replaced by massive flat-bottomed ones.

(Yes, I DO see a cat guarding its food dish in those clouds!)


We have the traditional changes in the foliage, but the light across the landscape also changes. (Maybe because of those flat-bottomed clouds?)  Distant buildings glow.

Summer plants succumb to frost and the mums are available to the stray bees

… surely Fall is arriving.


Time to pull out the trash can and cook some turkey!

(Bet you didn’t see that one coming!)


Pretty Cat, Pretty Cat — A ‘Q & A’ Post

Pretty Cat, Pretty Cat, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?I’ve been in the cold yard — out in the snow.

Pretty Cat, Pretty Cat, what did you do?I  wanted to come in the house — with you!

Pretty Cat, Pretty Cat, where have you been?

I went exploring and got in the car.

Pretty Cat, Pretty Cat, did you go far?The car didn’t move … Oh!  There you are!

Pretty Cats, Pretty Cats,  where have you been?

We’ve been on the front porch looking at things.

Pretty Cats, Pretty Cats, what did you see?

We saw a black cat — what a beauty was he!

Pretty Cat, Pretty Cat, what did you dream?

I dreamed of adventure …

I dreamed of cooked meat …

(I dreamed that I sat

in the Driver’s Seat!)

Pretty Cat, Pretty Cat, Where will you be?

I’ll pounce on a leaf,

or hide in the grass.

I’ll sit in a flow’r pot

Waiting for you to pass

(and pet me!)

I’ll rest on the sidewalk

(under the flowers)

I’ll drink from the pond

left after the showers.

We’ll doze around backWhile your Beast keeps guard

I’ll lay on a tableKing of the Yard! (Roar)

I’ll bathe on the porch

I’ll find a warm bed

Use a pot for my pillow

Or sit on a sled.

So … Pretty Cat, Pretty Cat,

How was your day?I walked on the roof-topAnd played the Squirrel’s gameThen  checked out the new guy

(I don’t know his name.)I stared down a RascalGot me a nap,

I guess I will go nowIn search of a lap!

:~D (Hint, hint)

Nosing Around

Have you ever noticed how prevalent  noses are in this society?

Noses can be so pushy!

They can be inquisitive.

And fun to play with.

At times, you might see a brand new nose …

… or one that is temporary …

… or a nose that is  liable

to hang around

for a

looooooooong time.

Noses  are looking up in the world!

Noses are going places.

And there are noses which can merely dream —

assuming they belong to…

Good Dogs!

A nose can fool you!

It might not be an actual nose at all! (Imagine that!)

And some actually exist because of   somebody’s imagination!

A nose can get into a hazardous predicament …… or …

create one (eek!) …

But when you think about it,

most noses really are tame …

… and gentle …

… a curiosity …

… something to be no-ticed …

… or not!  :~)

Promises, Promises!