366 Week Twenty-four

Week 24

My little Mollie Fish is always on the move

— usually pestering one of his tank mates.

Today I set up a 55 gallon tank (:~D !!!)

and moved the fish from my 20 gallon ones into it.

When I saw Mr. Mollie, he was resting so well that

I thought he was dying from the stress of his relocation.

I sorrowfully took his picture —

because I love his tail & never have been able to record it

(since it always was moving).

In a bit, his fins started moving faster

& he rose up and swam off

to check out his reflection in a Back-Wall Mirror. :~D

June 16 — Mollie At Rest

I like the one that’s ‘plugged in’  on the left.

June 15 — Relief’d Pigeons

Straight Out Of Camera — this is what I saw!

June 14 — Looking East At Sunset

Though he tried & tried, Vincent never could figure out why the new fish tank was such a Big Deal.

June 13 — Fish Tank

He heard a ‘thunk’ behind him.

When he turned around to investigate, a mostly-naked baby bird lay on top of the car.

It opened & closed its beak, but there was no sound.

Ten feet or so above, in a nest in the oak, an adult robin’s rump and tail feathers were visible.

There was no hope for this baby.

The next day, a different car parked under the tree.

And a different baby robin lay on its roof.


June 12 — Out Too Soon

This Radar Rooster Caused A Migraine! :~þ

June 11 — Radar Rooster

June 10 — Evil Tree In The Night