And Now We Paws To Consider Zacchaeus (The Kneadingest Cat I Know)

This is Zacchaeus.

He’s a friendly, affectionate kitty.

Rather large in the belly.

He DOES get some exercise …

His paws are almost always moving.

Yes, Zacchaeus is an incredibly kneady cat!

He kneads with his left paw

… and then with his right.

Sometimes a paw looks really BIG when he kneads.

At other times, a paw can look really tiny. Like his back paw looks. (That’s because his belly is so big.)

(See what I mean?)

The flower pot really isn’t laughing at him. :~) (Flower pots aren’t that rude.)(But I am! Check out that furry paunch!)

So Zacchaeus keeps kneading and the pot keeps smiling and that’s how it is in my yard.

No kitties were offended in the making of this post.

I promise.