366 Week Forty-six

Week 46

November 10 — Bucket In The Hole

November 9 — Behind The Wheel

I’d planned on doing a Selfy because I got my hair whacked, but then I invented Bacon Stuffed Crescent Rolls. :~)

November 8 — Bacon Stuffed Crescent Rolls

If you keep your eyes closed, it’s not so bad. :~þ

November 7 — Follow up

I was shooting water drops in the pre-sunrise-on-a-dreary-day darkness.
This is the only shot that turned out acceptably.
When I started processing it, I saw the face at the end of the vine.

One great eye & a perfect nose.
Then I was messing around with the zoom effect & a little bird popped out at me.

Beak … wing … tail … 
Now I see both face and bird when I look at it.

The water drop, yeah, but it’s not as cool as in real life.

November 6 — It’s a Bird … It’s a Face … It’s a Water Drop!

Poison Ivy is so cool in the fall (from a good distance away.)

November 5 — Poison Ivy

November 4 — Ta Daaaa!