366 Week Seven

Week 7

My Beast decided he wanted a closer look at The Visitors

Feb 18 — Dug Out

The Rhino had always assumed that  stories of The Baby Humans were nothing more than Old Wives Tales invented to keep calves from straying. She discovered the truth on the day she escaped the confines of The Crocheted Blanket.

Feb 17 — Rhino Meets The baby Human

Feb 16 — Dropped In The Burning Bush

Feb 15 — God’s Origami

This is not the sharpest, most technically correct picture I took today, but it’s my favorite. That’s my Beast, Aslan, checking out The Cardinal.

Feb 14 — Stalker

♥ The Rhino was convinced that this was NOT a Puppy Love! ♥

♥ Feb 13 — Smitten ♥

Feb 12 — Bonnie