366 Week Thirty-nine

Week 39

Today I did the TN Warrior Dash (http://www.warriordash.com/) with 2 of my friends, my son, a couple of his friends, & about 10,000 other people.
It’s a 5k with obstacles.
Lots of people were running & trying to be the fastest.
These 2 & I were in it for the bragging rights.
The last obstacle is a muddy water pit, 2 feet or so deep, that has barbed wire on the top of it. You go through it on your belly.
The volunteer fire department was there with tanker trucks & hoses so we could clean up some afterwards. :~)

September 22 — Hosed

September 21 — ♫ Singing Doo Wah Diddidy … ♫

September 20 — What To Do Next

I wanted to say something about Vincent’s horror & revulsion at seeing the hippo/walrus going downhill like this,

or about the maggots swarming & his gratitude & feeling that being a limbless bust of a rhino really wasn’t so bad after all,

but I just don’t know how to word it. :~þ

September 19 — Decay

One of those rare captures of a young acorn before it donned its hat

September 18 — Hatless Acorn

September 17 — Ducky Fashion

September 16 — Tie Dye