366 Week Six

Week 6

Twas a cold winter morning
We watched Ally McBeal
When there, without warning
A Skittle quite real

With a gash and a crater
In its yellow shell
(Unlike other Skittles
This we knew quite well.)

I dashed for my camera
Knew just what to do
Going to shoot this samara
On my jeans of light blue.

So with Marg on her laptop
And me with bare feet
We lounged on the couch
And I shot that sweet treat.                                        Feb 11 — Watchin’ Ally

A defective Skittle
Ally on the tv
On a morning so brittle
My daughter and me.

Feb 10 — The Long Suffering Beast

Feb 9 — Pigeons

Although I knew the dangers, should I be discovered, the thrill of actually seeing the Council Of Rhino’s super-secret Kaleidoscope Ceremony sent my better judgement far from me as I focused and shot.

Feb 8 — Mirrored

Gazing at the Rasbora swimming so freely in the murky waters, The Rhino just couldn’t escape the sinking feeling that he’d never be able to join them.
“Why, oh why,” was his lament, “Did my parents let me quit swimming lessons before I learned the Dolphin Kick?”

Feb 7 — Longing

I didn’t realize till I was processing the Sheep Set that they’re not the only species in the field.
It became impossible for me to ignore the Rare Southern Yellow-Eyed Elephant  headed towards the Scratching Lamb.
Even though a couple of other the pics I took of this set of twins with their Mama Sheep are possibly better shots, I selected this one because I’ve had a breakthrough in working with layers and in blurring the background this past week. I couldn’t have expressed my vision for this moment without those skills.

Feb 6 — An Elephant Approacheth

I’m not so sure this guy wanted to be at the Super Bowl Party.

Feb 5 — Sullen Snack