366 Week Five

Week 5

When she finally broke through the surface the ocean of birdseed,

The Rhino felt compelled to sing that haunting refrain:

♫ “Mama said there’d be days like this
There’d be days like this, Mama said” ♫

Feb 4 — Mama Said

So how about you. Can you see the face of a cheetah in the acorn?

(I saw it when I took the picture. The squirrel who was eating this uncovered it.)

(True story.)

Feb 3 — Acorn Mayhem

Feb 2 — Deer

Feb 1 — Frosty Face

Jan 31 — Zoo Bug

I interrupt this game of ‘Fetch’ to show you the passing jet — glowing with the light of the rising sun.

Jan 30 — Sunrise Jet

Nicki noticed this bug hanging around the cabin’s bathroom.

Jan 29 — Nicki’s Bug