366 Week Fourteen

Week 14

April 7 — Ducks In A Row

“I’ve never seen a purple cow,



I never hope to see one.



But I can tell you here and now,



I’d rather see than be one!”





April 7 — (Take 2)

April 6 — American Robin with a white throat





Vincent’s Grammy always told him that if he slept on peppermint, he’d have sweet dreams.

A skeleton in an “oops!” moment …










April 5 — Sweet Dreams

For the life of him, Vincent couldn’t understand why people thought blowing dandelion seeds was such fun.

April 4 — Dandelion

April 3 — Irisosaurus

April 2 — Midnight Snacker

Doggie Doors — they’re not just for Doggies anymore!

April 1 — Autonomy