What would keep these unruly beasts rooted to the ground side by side for multiple photos?

Retrieving Ears (Golden-Style)

Aslan here. Ready to retrieve.

Oh, yeah. I love that Beast!

Per-pet-ual Motion

Aslan is one of those beasts who rarely hold still.

His tongue flicks

His body wags

He trots

His eyes say “Snatch it if you can!”

(Oops!  Time out …

… got to clean up the ball!)

So we can play ‘Keep Away’

A busy, busy, BUSY (!) Beast!


Pretty Cat, Pretty Cat — A ‘Q & A’ Post

Pretty Cat, Pretty Cat, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?I’ve been in the cold yard — out in the snow.

Pretty Cat, Pretty Cat, what did you do?I  wanted to come in the house — with you!

Pretty Cat, Pretty Cat, where have you been?

I went exploring and got in the car.

Pretty Cat, Pretty Cat, did you go far?The car didn’t move … Oh!  There you are!

Pretty Cats, Pretty Cats,  where have you been?

We’ve been on the front porch looking at things.

Pretty Cats, Pretty Cats, what did you see?

We saw a black cat — what a beauty was he!

Pretty Cat, Pretty Cat, what did you dream?

I dreamed of adventure …

I dreamed of cooked meat …

(I dreamed that I sat

in the Driver’s Seat!)

Pretty Cat, Pretty Cat, Where will you be?

I’ll pounce on a leaf,

or hide in the grass.

I’ll sit in a flow’r pot

Waiting for you to pass

(and pet me!)

I’ll rest on the sidewalk

(under the flowers)

I’ll drink from the pond

left after the showers.

We’ll doze around backWhile your Beast keeps guard

I’ll lay on a tableKing of the Yard! (Roar)

I’ll bathe on the porch

I’ll find a warm bed

Use a pot for my pillow

Or sit on a sled.

So … Pretty Cat, Pretty Cat,

How was your day?I walked on the roof-topAnd played the Squirrel’s gameThen  checked out the new guy

(I don’t know his name.)I stared down a RascalGot me a nap,

I guess I will go nowIn search of a lap!

:~D (Hint, hint)

Sir Aslan Doogie Of Oakhaven

Aslan is one of those “Best All Around” sort of beasts.

He’s a messy drinker, but generally a happy guy.

He runs …jumps …swims,and shakes like a REAL dog.He doesn’t mind a summer storm at all.Consider that happy demeanor …the penchant for cleanliness .The obvious adoration for his mistress! :~DNot much escapes Aslan’s watchful eye.Ever vigilant …hoping … hoping … hoping!Yup! That’s my pooch!

A Golden Retriever’s Tongue Is Too Big For His Mouth!

Sir Aslan Doogie Of Oakhaven

Promises, Promises!