Rampant Henbit!

We’ve always had this little plant growing around in the yard, but THIS year it is casting a lavender sheen over area fields (which I think is pretty cool).

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are a few of the scenes around my end of the town …
























































Promises, Promises!

Dense Fog Alert!

I saw on the Weather Channel that there was a Dense Fog Alert for us until 9 this morning.  They weren’t kidding!  It was one of those fogs that should have delayed school, but the buses rolled anyway!  When my walking partner was running behind, I headed to the park to see if I could find some foggy scenes and spider webs.  Those were great fun to shoot, and I had a hard time deciding which to post.  (I love them all!) But decide I must, so here’s what I chose:


Fog reveals who's under your feet. (Kind of makes your feet feel creepy, huh?)

Hammock Web

Curly blade

I was hoping to find a drop that reflected something!

This is the kind of view I like when I'm going down river.

All these webs and nobody home

Different perspective

Location, location, location. A home with a view!

Morning run

I love the different sizes the drops took. And people say there is no God!

Droplet Guy

This reminds me of a pearl necklace I have.

It just looks like the spider went a little crazy on this design. But what a result!

Floating drops fascinate me.


The camera just doesn't see the colors in the water beads that I was seeing!

What's a photo series without a picture of Aslan? ;~)

The photo session ended when Agent 99 (right) rolled over on the clump of grass I was laying on the ground to photograph.  She’s got some absorbent fur!

The Difference 8½ Inches Can Make

After a ‘Weather Event’, the parks offer some fun photo ops.

This tree usually stands in a grassy field

Rose bushes can be hazardous, but today what lies beyond is the danger

There's a concrete foot bridge under those standing waves

Looks like the water's receeded a bit, but it will still be a while before the greenway is re-opened

Meanwhile, under the road ...

Flooded wormholes make for an avian feast!

Giant bubbles randomly appeared in the stiller water

The rain lingers

Snail's eye view of the dam

Snail's eye view of a snail

Human's eye view of the dam