366 Week Eight

Week 8

Feb 25 — Catfish Cave

I was laid up in bed
As sick as could be
My thermometer read
Hundred one point three.

But I still needed
My three sixty six pic
‘Cause time does not stop
Just because I am sick.

So I went to the living room
The Rhino I got
Set her up on the couch
And took my day’s shot.

And here it is.

Feb 24 — Sick Day


Really. I’m as Slug-O-Phobic as they come. Actually I’m not really afraid of slugs, just revolted by them. After all, a slug won’t jump in your hair or bite your ankle. They really make pretty good subjects because they ooze along so slowly. 
It’s the horror of stepping on one barefooted in the night or brushing your hand across one in the flower bed or seeing several monster slugs (4″ long and as big around as my thumb) chowing down on the cat’s food (outdoor cats! :~O ) …
But I digress.
In all my life, I never knew that slugs and snails (my original subject this morning) had EYES ! But check it out. This baby’s got them, in living black and white. (I didn’t make this up!)


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