366 Week Eighteen

Week 18

Graduation AND a Super Moon
Could a day be any more perfect?
(Vincent thinks not.)

May 5 — Graduation

This guy was in our dog, Agent 99’s dish this morning. Once I liberated him, he waved the 3-fingered orange things (he had a pair of them) as he walked, really fast, eastward.

It may be a female dung beetle.

May 4 — Monster Beetle

Got to help a friend with her shearing. :~)
(Sometimes Alpaca are silly beasts!)
(The one on the lower left is Mufasa, the Great Pyrenees Alpaca Dog)

May 3 — Alpaca

May 2 — One Sky 8 Ways



















May 1 — Anti-Ant

After staring for what seemed like eons Vincent knew that this was the most beautifully symmetrical thing he’d seen since he glanced at the mirror while polishing his horn on the day he lost his ear.

April 30 — Symmetry

April 29 — The Sock Guys’ Chat