366 Week Forty-One

Week 41

I dropped some shrimp pellets into the tank & set off a feeding frenzy — which was totally dominated by this Dalmatian Lyretail Molly.

October 6 — Feeding Frenzy

October 5 — New Love

Part 2:
The next morning, I look at the piece of dvd wrap from a different angle, and there is this elf in it. Again, I manage to get a picture. Cool, huh?
(Part 1 is my shot for Oct 3)

October 4 — Elf

Part 1:
So I’m sitting on the couch at night, & I look over at the tv. There’s a dvd case on the stand with some of the plastic wrap attached & hanging off it. In the piece of wrap, I clearly see a gnome. And I got a picture of it!
(Part 2 is my shot for Oct 4)

October 3 — Gnome

I had to sit through a meeting with this shadow beckoning from the wall! :~þ

October 2 — Distraction

All of her days have gone soft and cloudy
All of her dreams have gone dry
All of her nights have gone sad and shady
She’s getting ready to fly”

Fly away, fly away, fly away”

— Fly Away by John Denver

October 1 — Fly Away





They just keep making these pants softer & softer!
It’s time to wear the comfy pants & let the red toenails go back to their off-season color.
I suppose fall really must be right around the corner.










September 30 — Comfy