365 Project

A 365 Project is a photo a day for a year.

***And this just isn’t my year.  Maybe another year will be. :~þ ***

Sometimes there are gaps in the days — like when there is massive camera trouble.  :~þ



(New Day 1 = Aug 11, 2011)

Taking Turns

Yeee Hawwww!

Where There’s Life, There’s Hope.

A Peacock Feather Landed On My Patio In The Night!

Three Generations

Cottonwood Tree Seed (on my car)

Even a ‘Working Dog’ needs a break sometime!

Blackberry Blooms

Dandy! (I’m not lyin’!)

If I had gone back to bed, I never would’ve seen  these clouds!

These mushrooms are  ½” tall at the most.

Double-Decker Drops

I don’t know what this is. It came to rest on an iris leaf after a whole bunch of rain.

It was one of those days that the weather reporters took over the tv stations… a day that the phrases “PDS” and  “This is a particularly dangerous situation” were uttered frequently … a day that most of the school systems in the region called off classes before the buses began their routes … This was a view out the front door.

Ok, ok, I’ll admit it. Not every day can be award-winning.

(But this could be very useful information!)

(I got this from a Web Md mag)

On the one hand …

but on the other hand …

Object shown is larger than actual size.


It looks like this little bug has part of its hind leg broken off!


Blue-rumped Fly Gathering Pollen

Iris In Raindrop

Robin Gathering Nesting Materials

Hitch Hiker On My Windshield