366 Week Forty-two

Week 42

Two friends & I worked in the Hotdog Booth at a Community Outreach yesterday. During a slow time (when we were out of dogs & awaiting a new batch), we decided to blow up our gloves & take a silly picture of ourselves. We didn’t get a pic of us, but the wind plastered 2 of our Glove Puppets against the screen, which I found rather cool (& silly). :~)

October 13 — Handy

  It’s like fireworks exploding on the back of her head! :~)

October 12 — Bun

October 11 – Closure (Because my Beast knows how to push the gate open) :~)

Although Vincent fancied himself quite the party animal, he wasn’t quite sure about this game they called Ring Toss.

October 10 — Ring Toss

So not only does the red algae make a really cool hair-do, now the head’s sprouted a mustache & beard (and some creepy eyelashes!) :~)

October 9 — Facial Hair

I shot this one because of The Tree that was revealed when the limb got sawed, but we cannot ignore The Elephant staring out from its branches! :~)

October 8 — Revealed

My daughter brought me this striped fabric & asked me to make a rebozo for her.

She wanted a shorter wrap for carrying the baby.

I did, but what I read was that the best thing about a rebozo is the fringe.

I had a long strip of fabric left over from the wrap, & thought it would make some interesting fringe.

Not nearly as complex as what I read about, but here’s my work-in-progress.

I’ll sew it on to the wrap when I’m done.

(I’d be finished if I didn’t keep unknotting and re-tying it!

:~þ )



October 7 — Rebozo