366 Week Forty-five

Week 45

A ring on my kid’s finger …
the Year Of The Rhino drawing to a close …
Yeah. There are changes in our future.

November 3 — Changes

Ornamental grass by the neighbor’s pool — as the sun comes up

November 2 — Here Comes The Sun

Boy! Nothing makes the dirt more obvious than starting to clean something!

November 1 — Pressured

October 31 — Trunk Or Treat

Although Vincent had a rather large collection of motivational tapes, nothing really resonated with him until he discovered the Hall’s Cough Drop wrappers with their pithy wisdom.

October 30 — Inspiring

Whitetail Deer Bones
We found these in the woods in Middle Tennessee.
Apparently this was a big-un. :~)

October 29 — Bones

Her newest trick is standing to explore the fridge. :~)

October 28 — Exploring