366 Week Nine

Week 9

March 3 — Sunset Pampas

I happened upon a Wooderfall this afternoon. That’s a site where wood replaces the traditional waterfall’s bed of rocks. This one is complete with caves (that have a face-like look when viewed as a thumbnail.


March 1 — Wooderfall At Its Source

(Why yes, as a matter of fact, I DID make this up!)


Do you remember the 3 of these things game on Sesame Street ?
Three of these things belong together
Three of these things are kind of the same
But one of these things just doesn’t belong here
Guess before my song is done
And now my song is done
They’d have something like 3 triangles and a dog.

At one point, I had a massive amount of the little round stickers that teachers put on various incentive charts for their classes.
I used them to make “3 Of These Things” Games for my little one to play with when in a quiet situation — like church.
But I made them a little different. There would be more than one answer, depending on what characteristic you were looking for. For example, there might be 3 of the 4 stickers with animals on them, and a different set of 3 stickers with blue backgrounds.

So here’s a 3 Of These Things Game.
I can identify 5 ‘right’ answers to the question, “Which 3 are the same or which 1 is different?”
Do you see what I see? :~)

Feb 29 — 3 Of These Things

Feb 28 — Teddy Bear?

Feb 27 — Leila’s Spikey Top


Love Moon & The Bokeh Planets





(A very rare astronomical sighting indeed!)









Feb 26