366 Week Nineteen

Week 19





This sight cutied up our living room today!











May 12 — Car Seat Feet

May 11 — Monkey De-Capped


♫ Summer ti-ime & the toenails are painted
Clover blooms out in the front yard
Got my beast and we’re playin’ footsies
Memories on my mem’ry card. ♫





May 10 — Summertime

May 9 — Webcam Toys Selfies

On nights like this, when The Photographer was utterly devoid of inspiration, Vincent wondered if it was possible that his head might literally explode.

May 8 — Explosion

May 7 — Cloud Man

May 6 — This Is A “What’s It?” *

*Magic Shell & Ice Cream beads on a fiber reflected in a mirror, silhouetted by a lamp.