366 Project (It’s Leap Year. :~D )

Along with hundreds of other Google+ers, I’ve embarked on a couple of photo projects for 2012.

There’s the creation-a-day 366 project. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a picture, but I’m figuring that’s the way I’d share whatever else I might create.

The other is the GPLUS 52 project.

It’s a photo each week that relates to the pre-determined theme. (Somebody made a Google calendar of the weekly themes that we can display on our own Google calendars.

So …..

On With The Show!

Jan 7 — Baby Curls



Jan 6

The sun shining

through a

“Decorative Accent”


an Angel Of Light


a Dragonfly Of Light.





Jan 5 — Reflections

Jan 4 — Onion Powder
(A study in static electricity) 



Jan 3 — That Clever Dog Of Mine

Learned To Turn On The Spigot

Last Night!





Jan 2 — Drops & Face

Jan 1 — Sun Setting On Oak Tree