Close Encounters of the Odocoileous Kind

Two short stories

(as witnessed by The Photographer who was lovingly laboring at The Cable House)

The First Story:

Two Deer considered crossing The Path.

Being the Safety Conscious Deer that they were, they checked for traffic (as was their habit). They looked left (their left, our right) …


… then right (our left) …*

*… except one Deer got distracted by an especially tasty-looking Blade of Grass and lowered her head for a quick nibble.

… then forward (just to make sure).*

*HowEVER, a Clump of Clover was calling to the other Deer, and she just HAD to, umm, … (ahem) … nip it in the bud. (There!  I said it.)

**Deer are not known for their common sense.**

(“Shhh!  Don’t munch so loudly!  I think somebody’s spying on us!”)

Then, 3 things happened at the same time.

(I like Audience Participation. You get to decide who said what.)

“Why do you think that?”


“Mmmmm.  Tasty!”




(But don’t stop reading yet!)

The Second Story:

There was The Exceedingly Polite Deer; browsing around The Porch; minding her own business.*

A White-Stockinged Cat strolled along The Path.**

*A Deer’s Business almost always consists of “Oh, my! Now THAT looks like a Tasty Morsel!  I must nibble on it!”

**A cat NEVER just strolls. Kitties are always looking for something interesting to do.

“Was that a White Tailed Deer browsing around The Porch?”  The White-Stockinged Cat sat beside the path and Pondered her Options.*

The Deer looked up and around.  She detected a faint, though unmistakeable, Scent. Kitty!  She Pondered her Options.**


*Every Kitty sees itself as a Wild Beast and a Fearsome Hunter.

**Deer know this about Kitties.

The White-Stockinged Cat, creeping back down The Path with Great Stelth, turned left onto The Way To The Porch, and …


“May I help you?” The Exceedingly Polite Deer inquired exceedingly politely.



The White-Stockinged Cat vanished. (Kitties have a way of doing that, you know.)

About the time The Exceedingly Polite Deer thought she could resume her munching, who should appear on the scene but Mr. Orange Cat?

He Pondered his Options.



Both The Exceedingly Polite Deer and Mr. Orange Cat knew that Courtesy demands Avoidance of Eye Contact.

They averted their eyes.


Mr. Orange Cat stalked The Exceedingly Polite Deer with Great Stelth.*


*Just ignore the Grey Kitty lollygagging on The Path. She’s not part of This Story.






“May. I. HELP. You?” The Exceedingly Polite Deer inquired. (Although, not nearly so politely as before. In fact, she fairly spat it over her shoulder!)






Mr. Orange Cat and his Lollygagging Crony vanished. (Kitties have a way of doing that, you know.)






The Exceedingly Polite Deer resumed her Browsing — with just a hint of a Self-Satisfied Smirk flitting about on her Muzzle.







And they all Peacefully Co-existed with Pleasant Expressions on their faces for a long, long time.