366 Week Twenty-nine

Week 29

Makes me want to sing …
♫ Well, I went to the dessert on a horse with no name
Felt good to get out of the ra-ain ♫

July 21 — Went To The Dessert

According to Tricia, the cookies Costco sells in TN

are as tasty as the ones they sell in CA. :~)

 July 20 — COOKIES !!!

An Apparent Alien Invasion !!!

July 19 — Theme & Variations

I’d had the aquarium light off all evening. When I turned it on, a bunch of the fish were resting on the bottom of the tank.

Gillroy The Guppy was one of them.

July 18 — Gillroy At Rest

I was on the front porch, looking for the best angle to shoot a couple of bees that were gathering on the Button Bush when some pink in the shadows below caught my eye … the Nekkid Ladies are blooming. What a surprise!
These are also called Surprise Lilies because the leaves come up with the daffodils in early spring, die back, and (when you’ve forgotten they’re there) surprise!  flowers pop up.  Nekkid as in without leaves. :~)

July 17 — Nekkid Lady (aka Surprise Lily)

It wasn’t till I parted the branches that I finally discovered where the wild things are.

July 16 — Wild Things

July 15 — Sunflower Magic