366 Week Twenty-Two

Week 22

June 2 — The Things The Kids Leave Behind! :~O

Vincent went Horn-To-Horn with The New Guy, but took an Instant Dislike to him & gave the Squishy Beast a very Icy Reception.

June 1 — The New Guy

My Beasties love their Milk Bones
I buy them by the crate
Two will get them by the door
And one outside the gate.

So greedily they snatch them
And take them off to eat
Their teeth are getting cleaner &
Their breath now smells so sweet.

It is a nightly ritual
Them crunching in the yard
Each munches til his bone is gone
Every crumb and shard.

May 31 — Milk Bones

May 30 — Here’s Looking At You, Kid!

May 29 — Reception Flowers (Rhino Not Included)

What would YOU take along for the lazy parts of the river?

May 28 — Scene On The River

May 27 — Frog Went A Courtin’