366 Week Twenty-eight

Week 28

I ask you, “What screams ‘SUMMER!’ more than a mob of small children pelting a senior citizen with water balloons?”

(Oh, the perilous life of the small town Librarian!)

July 14 — Water Balloons

I’m pretty sure this is the caterpillar of the 
Halysidota tessellaris (Banded Tussock Moth) – Hodges#8203
It was crawling in The Jungle area of my yard, much to my granddaughter’s and my delight. :~D

July 13 — Caterpillar On Oak

Gillroy (orange tail) has been courting Gladys since this afternoon. He’s a young guppy & we suspect she’s his first major crush.

July 12 — Gillroy + Gladys = Love!

July 11 — I went to see the puppies …

This tetra usually shows a glowing orange stripe, but under the aquarium’s blue light in a dark room, it looks like a totally different fish. :~)

July 10 — A Fish Of A Different Color

July 9 — ♫ Happy Birthday To You! ♫

July 8 — Button Bush