♫ There’s A Big Ol’ White Duck … ♫

♫ There’s a big ol’ white duck standin’ in the water ♫

♫ Big ol’ white duck doin’ what he otter ♫

♫ He preened and

he preened and

he preened real well ♫

♫ Spit out some water and he said,

“Do Tell!” ♫

♫ “Now I’m a big ol’ white duck

Swimmin’ in the water” ♫

♫ “Quack! Quack! Quack!” ♫

The Difference 8½ Inches Can Make

After a ‘Weather Event’, the parks offer some fun photo ops.

This tree usually stands in a grassy field

Rose bushes can be hazardous, but today what lies beyond is the danger

There's a concrete foot bridge under those standing waves

Looks like the water's receeded a bit, but it will still be a while before the greenway is re-opened

Meanwhile, under the road ...

Flooded wormholes make for an avian feast!

Giant bubbles randomly appeared in the stiller water

The rain lingers

Snail's eye view of the dam

Snail's eye view of a snail

Human's eye view of the dam