Fall Into The Fog

One foggy morning in September …

Inspiration for jewelry makers


Temp frame for the Old Towne

Burning Bush Buds

Burning Bush Buds Collage

Garden hose (There's a dog in this shot!) (Really)

A Tie Than Binds

Spider-String Art

Holey Hammock Web Dissected

Soggy Spider Silk collage

I LOVE the face on this spider's back!

Plant Part Reflected

Not All Drops Are Round! (And sometimes they spit!!!)

When will this drip drop?

Dragon's Face (I thought they were supposed to breathe fire!)

And do you see the Sprite?

How 'Bout That Water Fowl?

Oak parts collage

After the drop has dripped


That ‘!’ pretty well sums it up!  I love what the fog does to the yard. :~)

Dense Fog Alert!

I saw on the Weather Channel that there was a Dense Fog Alert for us until 9 this morning.  They weren’t kidding!  It was one of those fogs that should have delayed school, but the buses rolled anyway!  When my walking partner was running behind, I headed to the park to see if I could find some foggy scenes and spider webs.  Those were great fun to shoot, and I had a hard time deciding which to post.  (I love them all!) But decide I must, so here’s what I chose:


Fog reveals who's under your feet. (Kind of makes your feet feel creepy, huh?)

Hammock Web

Curly blade

I was hoping to find a drop that reflected something!

This is the kind of view I like when I'm going down river.

All these webs and nobody home

Different perspective

Location, location, location. A home with a view!

Morning run

I love the different sizes the drops took. And people say there is no God!

Droplet Guy

This reminds me of a pearl necklace I have.

It just looks like the spider went a little crazy on this design. But what a result!

Floating drops fascinate me.


The camera just doesn't see the colors in the water beads that I was seeing!

What's a photo series without a picture of Aslan? ;~)

The photo session ended when Agent 99 (right) rolled over on the clump of grass I was laying on the ground to photograph.  She’s got some absorbent fur!