Dense Fog Alert!

I saw on the Weather Channel that there was a Dense Fog Alert for us until 9 this morning.  They weren’t kidding!  It was one of those fogs that should have delayed school, but the buses rolled anyway!  When my walking partner was running behind, I headed to the park to see if I could find some foggy scenes and spider webs.  Those were great fun to shoot, and I had a hard time deciding which to post.  (I love them all!) But decide I must, so here’s what I chose:


Fog reveals who's under your feet. (Kind of makes your feet feel creepy, huh?)

Hammock Web

Curly blade

I was hoping to find a drop that reflected something!

This is the kind of view I like when I'm going down river.

All these webs and nobody home

Different perspective

Location, location, location. A home with a view!

Morning run

I love the different sizes the drops took. And people say there is no God!

Droplet Guy

This reminds me of a pearl necklace I have.

It just looks like the spider went a little crazy on this design. But what a result!

Floating drops fascinate me.


The camera just doesn't see the colors in the water beads that I was seeing!

What's a photo series without a picture of Aslan? ;~)

The photo session ended when Agent 99 (right) rolled over on the clump of grass I was laying on the ground to photograph.  She’s got some absorbent fur!


  1. Love the ones of the spider web with the bridge in the background the best! I didn’t know fog accentuated spiderwebs like that! Awesome!

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