♫ Eensy-Weensy ♫

♫ The eensy-weensy spider ♪ Came into my sight. ♫

♫ Out came my camera  ♪ because I had no fright! ♫


Spikey-Haired Spider


♫ “Click” went the shutter ♪ time and time again ♫

Buff Shade-Wearing Spider Guy Coming Over The Hill!

♫ And the eensy-weensy spider ♫

Four-Eyed Mutant Frog King


Is immortalized for all time on the internet! :~D

Fall Into The Fog

One foggy morning in September …

Inspiration for jewelry makers


Temp frame for the Old Towne

Burning Bush Buds

Burning Bush Buds Collage

Garden hose (There's a dog in this shot!) (Really)

A Tie Than Binds

Spider-String Art

Holey Hammock Web Dissected

Soggy Spider Silk collage

I LOVE the face on this spider's back!

Plant Part Reflected

Not All Drops Are Round! (And sometimes they spit!!!)

When will this drip drop?

Dragon's Face (I thought they were supposed to breathe fire!)

And do you see the Sprite?

How 'Bout That Water Fowl?

Oak parts collage

After the drop has dripped


That ‘!’ pretty well sums it up!  I love what the fog does to the yard. :~)