♫ Texture Blend Things ♫

Texture Blend Things

(First Verse)

Tune by: Rodgers & Hammerstein


Woodgrain on petals

And Paisleys on tulips

Dog fur on chopsticks

And noses with blue tips

Polka-Dot bird on the perch where she sings

These are how I think of Texture Blend Things.

♫ The Rhino & The Ivy ♫


The rhino & the ivy

When they are both full grown

Of all the creatures in the yard

The rhino sports a horn


O, the setting of the sun

And the running of the dogs

I’m shooting pictures right and left

And throwing tennis balls


The holly climbs a tree trunk

The dogs romp on the ground

The rhino stays where he is put

I shoot pics where e’er they’re found

Each Campfire …

Each campfire lights anew

The flame of friendship true

The joys I’ve had in knowing you

Will last our whole lives through!

And as the embers die away

Fire Bird

We wish that we might ever stay

Bare Fire Hand

Gloved Fire Hand

But since we cannot have our way

We’ll meet again some other day!

– Traditional Girl Scout song

♫ There’s A Big Ol’ White Duck … ♫

♫ There’s a big ol’ white duck standin’ in the water ♫

♫ Big ol’ white duck doin’ what he otter ♫

♫ He preened and

he preened and

he preened real well ♫

♫ Spit out some water and he said,

“Do Tell!” ♫

♫ “Now I’m a big ol’ white duck

Swimmin’ in the water” ♫

♫ “Quack! Quack! Quack!” ♫

♫ Eensy-Weensy ♫

♫ The eensy-weensy spider ♪ Came into my sight. ♫

♫ Out came my camera  ♪ because I had no fright! ♫


Spikey-Haired Spider


♫ “Click” went the shutter ♪ time and time again ♫

Buff Shade-Wearing Spider Guy Coming Over The Hill!

♫ And the eensy-weensy spider ♫

Four-Eyed Mutant Frog King


Is immortalized for all time on the internet! :~D