♫ Texture Blend Things ♫

Texture Blend Things

(First Verse)

Tune by: Rodgers & Hammerstein


Woodgrain on petals

And Paisleys on tulips

Dog fur on chopsticks

And noses with blue tips

Polka-Dot bird on the perch where she sings

These are how I think of Texture Blend Things.

♫ The Rhino & The Ivy ♫


The rhino & the ivy

When they are both full grown

Of all the creatures in the yard

The rhino sports a horn


O, the setting of the sun

And the running of the dogs

I’m shooting pictures right and left

And throwing tennis balls


The holly climbs a tree trunk

The dogs romp on the ground

The rhino stays where he is put

I shoot pics where e’er they’re found


When CD Meets Ceiling Fan

Fun Guy Fungi

Faces in the Fungi

an album from my yard

Duck Wearing A Beret










Fungus Eating Stick

Walrus Fungus (With Glowing Red Eyes)










Someone’s Peaking

(Around The Fungus)










Somebody Gave This Fungus A Star.

I The Lichen Is Likin’ It.

(Ok. Not a face, but still pretty cool!)














I’m Thinking Triceritops

 Island Guy In Baby Fungus

And That’s Who I Met This Fall!

If I Were A Bird …

… and I saw this face …

… I think I would fly away (laughing)

and leave the baby fly for somebody else to eat.

Beyond The Curtain

Still Life

Touch Me Not

It’s name is Touch-Me-Not.

But nobody told The Bug!

And nobody told The Grasshopper!

(I really doubt they would have listened anyway.)


We were walking through a Wetlands Exhibit and came upon this snake.  It was alive, but not going anywhere.

I got closer …

… and closer …


… and closer …

… and closer …



… and closer still till I was …


Which didn’t seem to phase it one bit.

(How cool is THAT?)


A Kayak On The Car

Having a Kayak on top of the car has turned out to be a pretty handy thing.

There’s the most obvious “It’s there just in case I get near some water” usage.

And, of course, when driving around town, the “Cool Factor”.

But in the driveway, it’s



A Foul Weather Feline Feeding Station (that the Dog can’t raid)!






This Portly Pet needs Assistance, though. I slip him onto his side, and, with slight exertion, STUFF him under the gunwale. (Do kayaks have gunwales?)

He can get himself out …


 … but really, why should he?