Finally! A tree that’s willing to take on those pesky power lines!

(*sniff* I’m just so proud of that Bradford Pear!)


Hey, Look!

Hey, look!

It’s a Sailboat!

Hey, look!

It’s a Tugboat going to pick up a barge!

Hey, look!

It’s a Hippopotamus Blowing Out The Candle On His Birthday Cupcake!

Hey, look!

It’s a Prancing Circus Poodle!

Hey, look!

Is that a Bat trying to come in out of the rain?

Is that a Free Floating Koala Bear?

Is that a Tasmanian Devil whirling around outside the window?

Hey, look!

It’s getting dark. Can I keep it?

(Another) Turtle Tale

At a recent trip to a local breakfast bar, I was inspired by a heaping dish of whipped cream.

In the process of photographing my masterpiece, I made an amazing discovery.

I had unwittingly created a SNAPPING TURTLE on my plate!

Even my husband — who doesn’t always see things the way I do ;~) — knew a whipped cream snapping turtle head when he saw one!

The turtle seemed interested in Karl’s breakfast.

So Karl graciously offered it a bite of eggs.

Of course, being a pancake on whipped cream, the turtle declined and was himself eaten.