The Turtle And The Frog — A Suburban Saga

One day, a Very Large Turtle crossed the road.

Who am I kidding?   This guy was MONSTROUS!

To approach or not to approach?

To approach. For sure.

A Very Large Turtle is going to have Very Large Limbs — with room for Hitch-Hiking Leeches.

It seemed interested in photography …

stared down the camera lens …

then expressed its disapproval.  (In no uncertain terms!)

Left by the camera to continue its journey, the Very Large Turtle encountered a Very Large Dog …

who satisfied his curiosity after a couple of sniffs.

Meanwhile, in another part of the yard, a Very Large Frog was lurking beside an Oak Tree.  Upon being discovered by the Photographer, the Frog tried to make its escape …

but landed on the tummy of a Very Furry Dog (who happened to be belly-up  nearby).

The Frog made it’s way across the furry expanse … hopped off and continued on its journey.

The Very Furry Dog



a thing.