Hopping To It

While leaning over the fence to prune away some branches, I spied a green lump on my next victim.


It was a  Gray Treefrog
(Hyla versicolor), blending in as best it could.


I pulled the Panasonic from my pocket and commenced shooting.





He didn’t mind me recording his back view.


And the shot from the side didn’t seem to bother him, either.

Even a Down The Twig Pic was fine. 




But … moving in for a serious close-up was apparently too much.







I glanced around, hoping to find the spot where he’d taken refuge and discovered that the spot was


(Wow. Didn’t see That One coming!)

So he gave me the Evil Eye and turned to slink off.

Maybe it was because The Ant nipping at his heels got him confused, I don’t know.

At any rate, he hopped again …


… on to the Chain-Link Fence.

NOT the best hiding place*, even for a small frog!





*Here’s why I believed that Gray Treefrogs share a trait with the famed Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal.  Both believe that “If I don’t see her, she doesn’t see me.”   ;~D





He tried to hail a cab, apparently not knowing that there are no cabs in this neighborhood. (Ok. That was just plain silly.)




In preparing for his final hop,  his right-side feet got kind of tangled up on the fence wire.


Wouldn’t you know, the same thing happened on his left!



With a mighty heave, he got his feet straightened, hopped off the fence, and disappeared into the ‘safe side’ of the yard.

And we all lived happily ever after.

The End

The Turtle And The Frog — A Suburban Saga

One day, a Very Large Turtle crossed the road.

Who am I kidding?   This guy was MONSTROUS!

To approach or not to approach?

To approach. For sure.

A Very Large Turtle is going to have Very Large Limbs — with room for Hitch-Hiking Leeches.

It seemed interested in photography …

stared down the camera lens …

then expressed its disapproval.  (In no uncertain terms!)

Left by the camera to continue its journey, the Very Large Turtle encountered a Very Large Dog …

who satisfied his curiosity after a couple of sniffs.

Meanwhile, in another part of the yard, a Very Large Frog was lurking beside an Oak Tree.  Upon being discovered by the Photographer, the Frog tried to make its escape …

but landed on the tummy of a Very Furry Dog (who happened to be belly-up  nearby).

The Frog made it’s way across the furry expanse … hopped off and continued on its journey.

The Very Furry Dog



a thing.