Sharpshooter (Oncometopia nigricans)

Allow me to introduce you to a very small, very shy Bug that I found hanging out on my Button Bush.


This is an Oncometopia nigricans, aka a Sharpshooter.



It was camera shy, and darted sideways around the stem whenever it saw my lens.



To get its picture, I wiggled my fingers an the far side of the plant, chasing it around to my focused camera. :~)



The Sharpshooter is a ‘True Bug’, one of the Leaf Hoppers. 







There are two ‘faces’ on the top view of the Sharpshooter that I find more entertaining than scary (although hungry birds might disagree.)  The most obvious is at the top of the wings, but when I look at the back of the head, I see a Groucho Marx look.

Ahhh, the creativity that the LORD put into His creation!