♫ C-H-I-C-K-E-N … That Ere The Way You Spell Chicken ♫

The Chicken and Bunny Barn is one of my favorite places at our county fair. Here are some of the denizens of the chicken side …

This guy stuck his head out of the cage and pecked my friend! Good thing I had my camera for protection!

I discovered that chickens have tongues! But do they have lips? That's still undecided.

Check out this one's eye. Beautiful!

May I see your license, Ma'am? (Doesn't he look like State Trooper material?)

The feather pattern -- Wow!


And now for something completely different!

BIG chicken foot!

Feathered foot

Here’s something else, too! :~)

Bustin' out of the cage! (Well, sort of)