Life Is Fragile

(A true story)

A pair of robins built (as carefully as robins will) its nest among the honeysuckle vines.  Soon there were 3 eggs.

(How exciting!)


But then there was a Really Big Storm.

And 2 of the eggs disappeared. :~(

The remaining egg hatched. :~)









And the parents said, “Baby, you light up our lives!”




(Ok, ok. I just thought this was a really cool picture and had to include it.)


 Well, the baby grew.

 For a week.



Then one day, the nest lay empty on the ground …





                                                 And a bewildered parent



















The (very sad) End.

Hush Little Baby

Apparently the parents told this baby to freeze as my car approached — and stay frozen when I got out and stuck the camera in its face. It fell asleep at some point — startling awake when I picked it up to move it to safety.

Oh My! A headless baby robin standing in the road!