It Started With A Wig

It started with a wig.

A curly black afro wig that Margaret needed for an English Class project.

Parke & I searched, and found it in the closet.



I had her don the wig so I could take her picture.



Then, we added the headband.



THEN, Vincent joined in on our fun …





 First, we decided that he needed a bit of Sprucing Up.

Next, we purloined some Headwear from a few Stuffed Monkeys (& a Chubby Alien)

This allowed us to transform Vincent into:

 A Chef …

and a Rhino both Mysterious and perhaps a bit Sinister!








We raided the bedroom that belonged to Somebody Who Wasn’t Even In Town.

Oh, the Props we found there! Now we could tell The Story of The Sweet Dreams:



“Vincent’s Grammy always told him that if he’d sleep on a Peppermint, he would have Sweet Dreams.



As he slept, A Mysterious (and perhaps a bit Sinister) Skeleton crept up on him.



But OOPS! The Skeleton’s arm fell off before he could Do His Mischief.”








Vincent gave this Tale One Thumb Up









No … no … he gave it TWO Thumbs Up! (Wow)  :~)

He wore a silly Bunch ‘O Bugs

on his head …

 … and wept with despair over his chances of ever winning The Algebra Award.










As a matter of fact, we decided Vincent felt like quite the Dunce when he thought of his lack of Abilities In Math.

(It’s so hard to wield a calculator when you’re shaped like Vincent!)

But we weren’t finished with Vincent yet!

We wanted pictures of Prince Vince.


… and Vincent,

the Exotic Dancer,

playing a Yellow Guitar …












We chewed Gum and cut Teeth and rounded up some Bling (and a Belly-Dance Skirt) for shots of Vincent’s Flashier Side.

Then we put him in a bubble bath …


… turned him into The Rhino In The Bubble …




…brushed his teeth …










… landed The Bluebirds Of Happiness in The Wig …

… put our toys away …

… and went to bed.

The End

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